Top Shelf Preserves & Ecoboeuf

We talk a lot about local and seasonal products at the shop. Everything we carry is the outcome of Québec and Ontario agriculture. The cycle of the seasons, the length of the day and the heat of the sun are crucial factors in the workdays of every producer we work with.
In a place like Québec, summertime is IT. Here are some of our favourite producers, and the beautiful stuff they make in this moment of plenty.
Top Shelf Preserves
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Sara's fruit preserves and pickled vegetables occupy a sizeable piece of our product display, because honestly, it's hard to choose. She makes delicious things, and the way she works reflects all the qualities we value in a producer. Her relationships with her community and the farmers that grow the produce she uses are what makes this kind of food special.
Following Sara's instagram this time of year gives an exciting peek into the what it means to be someone that works with fruit and veg; all the BOUNTY, and the pressure to get it all in jars while it's around. Lots of work, lots of fun, lots of colour.
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