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various farms

fresh (un-aged) steak, by the 200g

fresh (un-aged) steak, by the 200g

in individual steaks, or in one big piece to share, a typical one-person portion weighs 200g

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There are myriad steak options in a single beef carcass, but not very much of any one cut. If you have come to our shop before looking for a particular cut of steak, chances are you ended up leaving with a different cut. Such is the nature of whole animal butchery.

The same principle applies to our online store. If you buy a fresh steak, we will give you the best of what is available that day. That means you might end up with a Denver one week, and skirt the next. They are all good, and you will learn to cook a variety of cuts! 

In the tab below you will find descriptions of the different cuts we have throughout the week. If there are any that you definitely don't want, please say so in the notes when you check out. 

Otherwise enjoy the surprise!

Steak descriptions

Bavette: the bavette is a flap on the inside of the beef ribcage. It has a strong texture and flavour. Always slice against the grain.

Denver: a muscle in the shoulder, the Denver sits above the chuck-eye and is very tender.

Chuck-eye: the chuck-eye muscle is the continuation of the rib-eye muscle in the shoulder. It is very tender but benefits from slightly longer cooking.

Surprise: found in the shoulder under the shoulder-blade, there is only one small piece per side. Tender and lean.

Teres major: also found in the shoulder, similar to the surprise, the teres major steak is considered to be the second most tender cut from the cow, after the tenderloin.

Flank: the flank is a flap on the inside of the beef ribcage. It has a strong texture and flavour. Always slice against the grain.

Spider: a small and flavourful steak located in the inner part of the aitch or hip bone

Sirloin cap: literally the cap of the sirloin tender, it is lean and flavourful, also known as the picanha steak in Brazilian cuisine

Tritip: taken from the bottom of the sirloin, the tri-tip is tender, lean and flavourful, with a fat cap

Skirt: the skirt is a flap on the inside of the beef ribcage. Thinner than the bavette. It has a strong texture and flavour. Always slice against the grain.

Toro: a thin, super marbled hidden muscle from the underbelly of the cow. Very tender and fatty. Named after the fatty tuna belly.

Baseball: the baseball steak is a center cut taken from the sirloin. Tender and lean.

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Various farms

We get beef from five different farms on a rotating basis. What these farms all have in common is that the animals they raise live their whole lives there, eating mostly grass and hay, spending their time outdoors in sun or snow, grazing and pooing and grazing and pooing, which is honestly what cows do almost ALL the time. If you buy beef from us already, you know to expect variation - different animals, different farms, different times of year. It’s part of what makes this king of butchery interesting! Go to the producers page for more info about the various farms.