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Why we're here

We are happy to say that all of the farms we collaborate with are farms in the most traditional sense of the word. They consist of land that is mostly green in the summer and snow covered in the winter. The animals graze and roam and live like they were meant to when it’s nice out, and are provided shelter that permits them to carry out their animalish behaviours and predilections when it’s cold out.

They are cared for by people that have particular ideas about how agriculture should be practiced and who have chosen a style of farming that is different from the mainstream style. They work hard and have to find a niche market for their product, and I think often about how nice it is that we found them and that they found us. 

ferme d’orée

Gert and Sarah's philosophy of sustainable agriculture is extensive and unique. Reading their words about how to raise animals in a way that respects animals, people and the environment reminds us why we do what we do. Bringing their products to our customers makes us really proud.


Frederique and Simon are graduates in agronomy studies that have brought their knowledge to a 4th generation cattle farm in the Abitibi-ouest region. The farm is a small-scale experiment to develop and test responsible agricultural practices, alongside producing incredible beef.

mark's hot sauce

Over the last few years we went from carrying two of Mark's sauces to 8 different products he makes. That's because every time he brings us something to try we can't say no, it's so so good. No hype, no dumb graphics, no silly names, just really good heat and amazing flavour. Made a couple of blocks away too.

logan petit lot

Have you ever had a natural peanut butter that is the perfect consistency, doesn't separate into oil and solid, is the perfect crunchy smooth texture and tastes amazing? me neither until I met this one. For me it is the linchpin of their collection of products, but each one is perfect.


Zamalek is an Egyptian style cold tea made with hibiscus flower, also called Karkadé. Comes still or sparkling. There is nothing more refreshing. It's made right up the street by Jules, Damarice and Bashar. We are really pleased to stock these drinks in our shop and both restaurants.